Norwegian Fjords,Bergen:A Romantic Place For Hangout

Take your partner to the incredible world of Norwegian Fjords in Bergen

Bergen:A beautiful, charming city  surrounded by seven hills and seven fjords.



Relish the beauty of Bergen while travelling with your loved ones in fjords.

Wonerdul view of Bergen

Wonerdul view of Bergen

Visit St. Petersburg and enjoy different tourist activities

There are number of cities in Russia which are well popular among people all over the world for its best tourist attractions but Saint Petersburg is one of the best cities which are preferred by majority of people to visit. I have also visited this city with my friends during my holiday trip in last year. I was amazed to see this beautiful place and its uniqueness.

Its uniqueness and St.Petersburg activities attract people to come and visit its beautiful monuments, museums and other major attractions again and again.

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When you should visit: While you are making plan to visit this city you should have the proper information about the city and weather conditions so that you can enjoy your holiday’s trips. Considering weather conditions is the main important thing which you should keep in mind before making a trip to any particular city. The best time to visit this beautiful city is during months May, June, Sep. October and in July. Also it will be best if you will visit this city during white nights known as particular period during July and august months. These months are also considered best for participating in various St.Petersburg activities.

There are number of recreational things to do in St. Petersburg, some of them are listed here:

Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg City Palace

Walk around city:

You can go for a long walk around city and along river and can see many amazing things. Various picturesque views will surely attract visitors with its uniqueness.

Cycling and biking:

Make a long trip to see all the major attraction of city and all around city by hiring your own cycle or bike. Cycling is also one of many different activities to do in St. Petersburg.


Boating is one of the major activities to do while in St. Petersburg. While in this city you are avail with paddleboat when you have to do boating. You can go for long drive through boat and can have a lot of fun.

St. Petersburg Tourist Spots

St. Petersburg Tourist Spots


Trekking is one of the major St. Petersburg activities that you can enjoy in this city. If you are thinking about trekking you should take water and important things with you so that in way you can eat or drink and can enjoy your trekking. Trekking is very helpful in encouraging adventures recreation and social skills.

Different camps for different ages groups:

Whether you are below 18 years or old than 18 years both age group people can take part in summer camps in which different program and activities are performed.

It will be best if you will visit JoGuru that is one of the best travel guides which provide you complete information all about the city. When I visit any city during my holiday trip I prefer this website to get proper information about the city.

Best Museums in Los Angeles City

USA is one of the biggest country in the world which contains various types of tourist cities. Los Angeles in one of them. If you are planning for a trip to Los Angeles then you should not be disappointed. According to my own I would like to tell you that there are various tourist attractions, places to visit and various tourist activities in Los Angeles city. Los Angeles city tourist attractions offers you various monuments, beaches and museums as well. You can enjoy awesome nightlife in Los Angeles city with best quality of drinks. Among all tourist spots in Los Angeles Hollywood and city zoo are my favorite.


Just have a look at the video above to get the best Los Angeles tourist information about the best places to visit in Los Angeles city.

Best places to visit in Ooty

Ooty is one of the famous tourist destinations in India and is situated in Tamil Nadu state. This is a beautiful place which is located between the Nilgiri Hills. There you can see the real natural beauty which is completely different and eye- catching. My trip to Ooty was an amazing trip and I spent the great time over there in Ooty. If you want to see the real natural beauty and enjoy various things to do  in Ooty  that are very unique then you should visit this place.

Panoramic View Of Ooty City

Panoramic View Of Ooty City

Best time to visit Ooty:

Ooty is a place which can be visited in the every month of the year. In summer you can enjoy the pleasant weather from March to May and can enjoy many tourist activities to do in Ooty. Winters are basically starts from November to January and you can enjoy the chilly weather during these months. From June to September you can enjoy the beautiful Monsoons.

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Recreational activities in Ooty:

Ooty Lake

This lake is an artificial lake and one of the famous Ooty tourist places. Here you can really enjoy spending your time and you can enjoy many things to do in Ooty like boating, horse riding, and fishing.

Botanic Gardens

If you are a nature lover then this is the right place for you. Even you can click a picture from your camera with the closed eyes. Now you can imagine about the beauty of this place. This Garden contains the different varieties of flowers and trees.

Kamraj Sagar Lake

Kamraj Sagar Lake is one of the beautiful places and most of the tourist comes to do some activities like you can enjoy a family picnic here because this is famous as a picnic spot.

Horse Riding

You can enjoy the horse riding by hiring a horse form the boathouse. This will charge you Rs 150 for an hour and you can visit the places around the lake. You can also take a guide with you to help you.

Jolly world

This is an amusement park between the bus stand and lake. This is also a best place for kids and they can enjoy by things to do. There is a go-kart track for the grown up kids.

Emerald Lake

This is also a famous tourist destination and tourists like to do boating and many other water activities. Also there are some other activities such as:

  1. Avalanche Lake.
  2. Mukurthi National Park.
  3. Doddabetta Peak
  4. Tea plantations.
  5. Art Gallery
  6. Rose Garden

These are some of the best things to do in Ooty and one can enjoy them during trip.

If you want to know more about the Ooty trip and about the Ooty activities then you can get the information about the city form the city travel guide on

Pula City Tourist Information

Are you planning for a trip to Croatia ??? The you trip would be incomplete without having a visit to ancient tourist attractions in Pula City.

Pula is one of the best tourist destination in Croatia which is really a must visit tourist city. There are so many tourist attractions to visit and you can enjoy many tourist activities as well. Among all of the places to see in Pula city, Roman amphitheatre is the best attraction which you should not miss. beaches in Pula are also so much beautiful and best place to explore beauty of sea life. Here you can enjoy various beach activities, beach games and rides.

When you would be in Pula City then you can get all of the tourism related services and facilities. Here you can visit many tourist places and you will get the best accommodation, eat out places and transportation options. The following video will give you some introductory tourist information about places to visit in Pula.

Just have a look at the video above to get some more information.

Pula City

Pula City

Safety Tips & Advices For Single Women Travellers In Bahrain

The kingdom of Bahrain located on the Middle Eastern archipelago of the Persian Gulf and tucked into the small pocket of the sea and guarded by the Qatar and the Saudi Arabia is an oasis of social liberalism. The country is known for its authentic Arabness which attracts like-minded tourists. That is perhaps one main reason why I wanted to explore the nation, for it not just follows the rules of its ethics, and never thrusts them upon the travelers  As a single women traveler in Bahrain, I enjoyed the social and shopping culture here and let me go ahead in sharing my travelling tips for other solo females in Bahrain.

All about Bahrain:

Most females resist Bahrain travel for its stringent rules on females, but in reality it is a truly fascinating country that is rich in culture, history and is loaded with ample tourist spots. There is a vast cultural difference and attitudes towards women here but with some respect for their culture and the differences in religion, I was able to have a fairly good time in this Middle East country.

Attitudes towards solo female traveler:

The position of women in most Muslim countries depends on the Sharia Law and it is unusual for women travelling alone here without her family. And it is true that women have clearly defined roles to play in this society. Most women here are covered up almost at all times and are not allowed to operate vehicles. Women are expected to be reserved here and single women travelers are required to maintain the same behavior in this land. It is tough for a solo traveler to meet local women or befriend them as ladies are hardly seen alone in public. I did feel a great sense of loneliness in restaurants and male dominated public places.

It is good not to indulge in Bahrain travel with a man, for it feels awkward here and there is a lot of gender segregation in this country. Male and female have to sit separated in public convenience and there are many women only zones in restaurants, cafes and parks.

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Tourist Spots in Bahrain:

There are ample things to do in Bahrain for solo females the Bahrain fort that is located on the northern shore is just few minutes’ drive from the Manama city. The place has lots of signage, exhibits and furniture to offer; but remember driving by a female is strictly restricted here and we are always expected to be under the guidance of a male driver. The Bahrain museum, with loads of Islamic artefacts, the Abu Mahir Fort located at the Muharraq and the Arad Fort are worth Bahrain tourist spots to visit.

Safety tips for women travelling alone:

  • It is good to avoid isolated places at late hours, as that with any country.
  • Understanding their cultural significance is vital, gazing at the eyes of a man or smiling could be regarded as sexual advancements here.
  • It is good to avoid being friendly and there are no chances of being harassed by a male here if we concentrate on our own work.
  • Trying to be rude and creating a fuss are best ways to neglect men and to exit from an uncomfortable situation.
  • Blonde haired women are more attractive than those with dark hairs, it is good to cover the head with a hat or scarf here.

Public displays of affected are discouraged in Bahrain, and with these simple tips solo women could enjoy a great deal here. For more news and information of this, visit