Useful Antwerp Travel guide for single women travelers

Antwerp in Dutch is predominantly referred as Antwerp in English and the city lies within the Municipality of Belgium. Antwerp is a coastal area and is situated on the right bank of the river Scheldt liked to the North Sea by the Westerschelde. The city also has the largest sea port in the entire Europe. The city also has its economic and cultural significance. The best places to visit in Antwerp are the central station, which is decorated with excellent art effects to be more than a boarding station, the cathedral of our lady, the Grote market with significant guilt houses, zoos, museums, city halls and grand palaces to carry out shopping, Churches, water parks, botanical gardens etc. to make most exotic & interesting Antwerp trip.

No doubt Antwerp is an excellent city to explore with family and friends during holidays and vacations. But how good and compatible is the place for single women travelers ? Let us explore this in this article.

Experts Recommendation :- All useful Antwerp tourist information to plan an enjoyable trip

Safety tips for single women travelers in Antwerp:

No matter how ever safe the lady is while travelling alone in a foreign destination, there are possibilities those a million things to go wrong here. But nothing should stop the journey for there are some of the best things to do in Antwerp worth not missing. Some safety tips are essential to be followed such as being aware of the surrounding and of one own self while landing in a foreign destination. Women should take time to notice what is happening around them and have their innate presence at every occasion to escape from potential dangers.

It is always better to follow one’s basic intuitions while travelling alone in a foreign nation, and if one’s inner self says something is wrong, and then it is better to follow it. It is always better to walk with confidence and with assertiveness in a foreign nation and to try as much as possible to dress and behave like the locals. Refrain from being with strangers for a long time, and if you are forced to travel with somebody else, then let them know your plans. It is always better to talk with people, as nobody is a monster there and befriend them to be in a safer situation.

Accommodation and shopping destinations for women:

There are few best accommodations available in Antwerp for single women travelers that are both comfortable and safe with world class amenities. The plaza Hotel Antwerp is located centrally, about tone km from Diamond district and quite near to Antwerp expo. It has excellent furnishings and facilities at all guest rooms. Unique conference room and parking facilities are additional advantages. The Radisson SAS hotel is located at the heart of the bustling metropolis of Antwerp and is just few minutes’ walk from the city center  Women need not worry on being left idle in a lonely place, if this hotel is preferred. Hotel Cammerpoorte is also the best choice for both business and leisure purposes.

Antwerp has also got some of the best destinations for shopping clothes, shoes and other fashion amenities and the best destination for shopping these is the urbanstreet wear. Belgium Chocolates are world renowned and is best found at ‘Chocolaterie Burie’ in Antwerp. All women are passionate about jewellery and the best jewels for special occasions are found in many shops here. Custom designed postcards, laces; t-shirts are famous in Antwerp and also would interest women a lot.


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