Explore The Unknown Facts Of #EiffelTower

As we all know that Eiffel Tower is the most visible tourist attractions and an iconic structure in Paris. In last couple of decades, Eiffel Tower has raised up as one of the romantic destination in the world.

But still there are so many unknown features and facts of Eiffel tower which are still unexplored. You may known about route, ticket rates and other details of it but you may be unknown about history of Eiffel Tower.

If you are interested to get known about Eiffel Tower facts then must have a look at the video below which will give you best tourist information about Eiffel tower and explore the truth and unknown facts about Eiffel Tower.

There are many other tourist attractions to visit in Paris city which will ad an extra enjoyment in your trip. Have a safe, enjoyable, pleasant trip to Paris.

Top Tourist Places To Visit In Agra

India has always been one of the best countries which are popular among people when it comes to beautiful locations, mountains and many other wonderful things. There are numbers of sightseeing places in India which can attract you with their unique beauty. If you want to visit one of the most wonderful historical buildings and amazing things then Agra is the best option where you can have a good time during your trip to Agra. Agra sightseeing places attract people with its beautiful picturesque views.

In Agra, a historical building that is known as Taj mahal, is well known among people all over the world and attracts people throughout world with its beautiful structure. Taj mahal is also comes in seven wonders of world. Outside Taj Mahal, a beautiful garden is located near garden on banks of River Yamuna. I have visited many times this city but its beauty attracts me. It’s really very beautiful that’s why it is also on the top of 7 wonders of world.

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If you are planning to visit this place then you should have the information about the place and how to reach there. To get this place is not a difficult thing, the city is well connected with the railways, and roads which connects this city to the other cities of the country.

As, there are many places to visit in Agra, so one should go with a planning. And before making a trip to Agra you should get sufficient tourist information about Agra and its beautiful places. A guide map will also be very helpful for you to get complete information about the Agra Sightseeing places that you want to visit.

Here are some best places that you must visit during your trip to Agra:

  • Taj mahal: It is most visited sightseeing place among all of the places to visit in Agra because of being on the top of seven wonders of world. Every year millions of people come to see this Mahal. It was built by mausoleum Emperor in late 16th c and in the beginning of 17th century. Every trip to Agra is incomplete without having a visit to Taj Mahal.
  • Agra fort: This fort is also one of the major attractions among people all over the world. This fort was built by Mughal emperor Akbar In 1565 A.D. It is considered as master piece when it comes to construction and design.
  • Fatehpur sikri: This is one of the best places to see in Agra. It is just39 Km from the main centre of city & was built by Akbar in 1564 A.D. this epic monument was built with the red sand stone.

These are some best Agra places to visit during your trip to Agra and also there are many other places which should not be missed by you and you should visit them.

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Enjoyable Things To Do In Sydney

If you are planning for any trip to Australia then must have a look at the video below.

Every Australia trip is incomplete without having a visit to Sydney city. It is one of the best tourist city in Australia with various tourist attractions to visit. There are so many enjoyable tourist activities to do in Sydney which will add extra enjoyment in your tour.

The video below will give you best information about things to do in Sydney. Please have a look.