Kolkata – The most charming city in India

Kolkata is a best tourist city in India and here you will definitely enjoy a lot. It is capital city of West Bengal state of India and is known by many sobriquets. The City of Joy, the Literary Capital of India, the Cultural Capital of India, City of Palaces, etc. These all sobriquets perfectly explore the cultural and traditional virtues of the city.

Kolkata is also the most sport loving city in India. Surprisingly Football is the most popular game in Kolkata as whole India is cricket lover. There are various tourist attractions in Kolkata to visit. Among all of the tourist activities in Kolkata, traveling in tram, eating Rasgulla and attending Durga Pooja festival are the most enjoyable things to do. The Howrah Bridge is the most popular place to visit in the city which you should not miss while planning your trip to Kolkata. You should always refer a best Kolkata travel guide to get best tourist information about the city. Have a look at the video below which will give you best Kolkata tourist information which would be help you to plan your itinerary.

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Plan a joyous trip to Denpasar with our travel guidelines

Proudly standing as the largest city and capital of Bali, Denpasar is enriched with Balinese culture and astounding center for temple, palaces and museum. Being a multicultural city with inhabitants quite friendly Denpasar would be an apt place for holiday visit. The former name of Denpasar is Badung which is profoundly known by its residents. To experience an exceptional trip countless people step into Denpasar. Let’s get in deep and know best place to visit in Denpasar and 10 reasons to plan a trip to Denpasar.

Reasons to visit Denpasar

Natures Scenic Beauty

The charm of the pretty island with gorgeous bordering of palm-fringed trees, histrionic volcanoes, terraced valleys, spiritual temples standing erect in the traditional villages, sea side cliffs, which defines natures beauty and a spot which must be visited.

Tourist Activities At Denpasar

With numerous activities running through the year the Pesta Kesenian Bali or the Bali arts festival is one marked activity which shows the importance of dance, beauty and music. This activity is conducted for the whole month with countless activities like handicrafts exhibitions, village dances, food offerings and other contests. The Sanur village festival and Denpasar festival a.k.a Den fest are other key events that mark the importance of Denpasar.

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Any tourists’ destination is never complete without its weather information; November to March is Denpasar high precipitation season which is found dry for the other period. December is a month for maximum showers and October for minimum, so summer or prior autumn can be an apt period for people who plan for Denpasar tourism.


There are countless shopping malls in Denpasar, where the most visited ones are the Ramayana, Matahari Duta Plaza, and Robinsons. Jalan Hasanuddin and Jalan Sulawesi are marked spots for gold stores and its purchase. For silk purchase Duta silk is the apt spot.

Thrilling Experience

For a thrilling experience called flying fox, where one flies from tree to tree for up to 160 meters gives a new thrill which they never have experienced in their life time. You’re roped and tied to wire which is strung at high points on the trees.

For World Famous Coffee

Travel to garden café at Sanur for sip the world rarest coffee, it is said that the coffee beans are passed through the digestive system of a tree climbing cat.

About Tourism

Denpasar tourists’ information and government tourists’ website has all information regarding events, culture, attractions, portals and quite a lot for people who are preparing to visit Denpasar for holiday.

Evidences for their culture

The temples, palaces, museums, sculptures and other places of interest are sure to stand as the key evidence for their traditional culture and incredible history of religion. The Jaganath temple, temple of Maosaphit, Sakenan temple, Bali museum, Sidik Jari museum are examples for history created which paves way for Denpasar Tourism.


For best regional and ethnic Indonesian cuisines countless restaurants and hotels have emerged out. Being a gathering point where different people of diverse culture meet it id never difficult to spot the best place to have a fantastic food.

Mud bath

A fresh up with local herbs and massaged with tropical oils is a perfect way of relaxation for a fresh outlook which is concluded with mud bath. Fresh ingredients are used for a comfy and relaxed massage.

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Monuments and historical places to visit in Delhi

Delhi is not just capital of India but also a great tourist city to visit. It is one of the oldest cities in India and one of the major places to live since Mughal empire. If you want yo know about golden era of Mughal Empire then must have a visit to various historical and monumental places in Delhi city.

Delhi city also plays an important role during India’s independence war. You can visit tomb of Mahatma Gandhi in Delhi city which is commonly known as Raj Ghat. Among the entire tourist attractions in Delhi there are so many temples and mosques also which are worth to visit. Akshardham temple is a great, huge and royal temple which is a best place to visit in Delhi.

Winter season is the best time to visit Delhi. It is a well developed tourist city and you can get best options for accommodation, eat out places and transportation according to your budget and requirement. Refer a best Delhi guide to get best tourist information about Delhi city. Plan an enjoyable, safe trip to Delhi. Following are some of the images of various places to visit in Dellhi city.

Amazing tourist places to visit in New Orleans

City of old romance and new opportunities, New Orleans, in Louisiana, USA is a very popular destination for tourists and travelers flock this city for its exotic attractions and activities, Jazz music and culture, sumptuous cuisine, groovy night life and opulent accommodation at reasonable prices. There are tons of things to do in New Orleans; I have listed few of my favorites like,

Mardi Grass:

This is one of the famous attractions in the county and it embraces several social and cultural variety of the city, the place dates back to 1699 and the parade still rolls on the streets with maskers riding on floats. Another famous significance of the Mardi Grass is the king cake pastry baked in a circle to symbolism the crown and with a plastic baby inside. The cake is also decorated in green, gold, purple and other Mardi Grass colors, the one who finds the baby in the cake should throw the next king cake party.

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Annual Mardi Gras Parade

Annual Mardi Gras Parade

French Quarter:

This was founded in 1718 by a French Canadian and a naval officer. New Orleans sightseeing does not get completed without exploring the French Quarter which is renowned for its museums, restaurants, shops and of course night life. The quarter is also home for many historic landmarks such as the St. Louis Cathedral, the Napoleon house and the French Market. One of the famous streets in Orleans, the Bourbon street known for adult theme and entertainment venues is also present here.

French Quarter

French Quarter

Natchez steamboat:

Launched in 1975, and has one of the steam powered sternwheelers.  The boat travels the Mississippi River and has an antique and genuine steel and copper whistle. The boat offers daily harbour cruise and dinner cruise along with the romantic view of the night skyline. There are accommodations for weddings, and special event cruises all through the year.

Natchez Steamboat

Natchez Steamboat

Food and Beverage Museum:

This museum is the best among all New Orleans places to visit, and preserves the culinary history of the south and its cooking patterns. Its artifacts include the cooking utensils and recipe scrapbooks. The museum runs the menu project that is collecting different menus from different restaurants, even those that have got closed.

Food & Beverage Museum

Food & Beverage Museum

Museum of Art:

This is the city’s oldest fine arts institution and has a permanent collection of 40, 000 pieces, and is a must part of New Orleans sightseeing. The collection has artwork from national and international painters and includes photographs, paintings, glass work and even sculptures.

New orleans Museum of Art

New orleans Museum of Art

Beauregard- Keyes House:

The house was built in the year 1826 and lies in the French Quarter, and is listed on the National register of historic places. The house was designed by Francois Correjolles and was built for Joseph LeCarpentier. The exterior of the house has two staircases leading to the porch upstairs and the house is adorned with antiques from 19th century.

Beauregard Keyes House

Beauregard Keyes House

I must admit that ever since my visit here, this is one of the top places to visit once in two years in my wish-list.

Regensburg Spectaculum – One of the unique festivals in Bavaria, Germany

Regensburg is one of the oldest cities in Germany located in Bavaria. Regensburg is located on the bank of Danube River and it is best preserved medieval city. There are various heritage places to visit in Regensburg which will take you back up to 12th century. There various places to visit and you can enjoy many tourist activities in Regensburg. All of the tourist attractions in Regensburg will give you the exact reflection of Bavaria history and culture.

Regensburg city is mostly popular among tourists because there are various traditional festivals and events to enjoy. Attending any festival is always a best thing to do in Regensburg for any traveler. Regensburg Spectaculum is also one of the enjoyable festivals in Regensburg. Lets have some detail information about this amazing festival in Regensburg.

Spectaculum is celebrated every year on second weekend in June month. This festival takes place near the Old Stone Bridge on the Jahn Island. This is one of the royal festivals in Regensburg and a best event to know about Bavarian history. In Spectaculum you can see various knights, jugglers and musicians meeting performing their arts. You can see all of the people in traditional and historical costume. You can enjoy various war games and activities as well.

Exotic tourist places to visit in Tampa city, FL, USA

The city of Tampa is located on the west coast of Florida and is the economic zone of the entire Florida. The city is known for its office blocks and best conference rooms in the world and also for its historical significance and age old quarters such as the Old Hyde Park and the Ybor city. Let us explore some of the exotic Tampa places to visit, that are worth not a miss by the tourists in this article.

Ybor city:

This is the center for the Latin community in Tampa and has been named after its founder. The city’s cigar factors have been one of the largest in the world, rolling 900,000 cigars a month. The city has the best night spots, cafes and restaurants and is the main shopping spot with ample entertainment outlets.

Ybor City

Ybor City

Busch Gardens at the Tampa bay:

This garden in an entertainment and adventurous park spread across 335 acres of land. The gardens focus on thrill rides, craft and music performances and a lot of exotic animals in their natural habitat. It also has the best roller coasters in the world, jungle safari and a guided tour to add a complete value for Tampa sightseeing.

Busch Gardens Amusement Park

Busch Gardens Amusement Park

Explore More :- To get more information about Tampa tourist attractions, please visit here.

Adventure land:

This is indeed an island with a water park spreading across 36 acres sub-divided into 17 different areas. Have ample play stations with tubes, slides and river craft rides. The highlights of the place include splash attack, Gulf Streametc. with lots of twists, turns and fun in the water bodies.

Adventure Land

Adventure Land

Big cat rescue:

This is a wildlife sanctuary maintained for abused cats. It houses hundredths of abandoned animals and is a non-profit organisation. Species here include cats, leopards, tigers, servals and Lynx. The facility also offers guided tours for tourists and there is no scope for free wandering as in zoos.

Big Cat Rescue

Big Cat Rescue

University of Tampa:

The building is one of the best Tampa tourist destinations as it is built based on the Victorian/ Turkish model and attracts wealthy tourists off from the regular east coast attractions. There are also museums with the best collectibles here.

University of Tampa

University of Tampa

Henry Plant Museum:

A part of the Bay hotel in Tampa was converted into a museum in the early nineties. The museum plays an important part of the Tampa tourist attractions, as it is a distinctive Victorian palace with Moorish features. It marks the history of the historical development of Florida and Tampa.

Henry Plant Museum

Henry Plant Museum

Museum of industry and science:

This is a 254,000 square foot building with exhibits on a variety of topics. Ecology, human body, aircrafts etc., are some among them. There are specific zones to keep children entertained.

Museum of Industry & Science

Museum of Industry & Science

Columbia restaurant:

This is the largest, oldest Spanish restaurants here. There are both individual and group dining facilities available here with good food, dinner and dance shows.

Columbia Restaurant

Columbia Restaurant

Florida Aquarium:

This is a three storeyed building with aquatic environment. Has a variety of aquatic exhibits here with educational presentations and special adventure zones.

Florida Aquarium

Florida Aquarium

Lowry park zoo:

This zoo has more than 2,000 animals on a 56 acre of lush land. Have many natural habitats, rides and play zones for children.

Lowry park zoo

Lowry park zoo

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Jaisalmer – The golden city of India

India is one of my favorite tourist lands. Here you can visit every type of tourist attractions. From mountains to beaches, from forts to forests, from villages to well developed cities, from deserts to snowfall.

Most special quality of traveling in India is, this country is a best combination of various culture and tradition. So every tourist destination in India gives you always different experience, feeling, happiness from another.

Rajasthan is one of the best states to visit in India. Within all tourist destinations in Rajasthan personally I think Jaisalmer city is best to explore the beauty of desert. There was a travel companion with me in my trip to Jaisalmer, he has created the presentation below about best tourist activities to do in Jaisalmer.

Plan your trip to India and must try to have a visit to “The golden City Of India – Jaisalmer