Excellent tourist places with Shimla sightseeing

Shilma is the capital of Himanchal Pradesh which is situated in the Northern India. This place is known best for tourist destination where most of the visitors visiting this place during vacations. There are many Places to see in Shilma where visitors will enjoy many destinations  along with adventurous activities enjoyed by the visitors. This place is having many temples along with palaces. This place is also famous for mountain biking race in which most of the travelers along with visitors participated in the race.

Apart from the best sightseeing there are many hotels and restaurant which are considered best accommodation for travelers where they will come across with Spa activities along with recreational facilities which are mostly enjoyed by the visitors during the vacation. This place is having every type of accommodations according to the budget of the people. The best time to visit this place is during May to July where the travelers will get the pleasant atmosphere. This place is also considered safe for women as they can travel along to this place.

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Best places to see in Shimla

Some of the best tourist attractions in Shilma which are enjoyed by the visitors will include:-

Himachal State Museum– This is the famous place which is having the largest collection of coins along with photographs and handicraft items which make the museum popular and famous one so that they will grab the tourist attraction of many visitors. This museum is also having the collection of Himachal dolls along with the best paintings which will give the perfect look of the Himachal culture. Visitors will also come across with famous sculptures of the late 8 century.

Himachal State Museum

Himachal State Museum

Nalagarh palace in Solan–  This place is considered the best tourist destination in Solan where the visitors will come across with manicured garden along with grabbing the best views about the Mughal and Indian architecture which makes this place the beautiful one.

Beautiful Solan area near Shimla city

Beautiful Solan area near Shimla city

The Kalka Shimla Railway has recognized one of the “world heritage status”  by the UNESCO, which is declared as one of Best Sightseeing in Shilma where this train is regarded as the best and affordable train where most of the visitors will plan their journey in this train where they will come across with many beautiful areas along with best sightseeing which they never across before.

Kalka Shimla Railway

Kalka Shimla Railway

Jakhoo temple– this is the famous temple which is having the excellent images of the ancient period and it will also display the best architectural art of the past century. Along with that travelers will also have to face the terror of monkeys as in this temple visitor will come across with many large numbers of monkeys. Thus we can say that this is the best place to visit during Shimla vacations trip with their dear one and family.

Jakhu Temple

Jakhu Temple

Worlds Tallest Statue of God Hanuman at Jakhu Temple

Worlds Tallest Statue of God Hanuman at Jakhu Temple

There are many websites online which is giving the full details about the transportation along with accommodations where visitors will get the opportunity to viewing the best places which they needs to be visited with their family. Some of the best sites includes the Joguru.com where the travelers will be getting the important information about Shimla tourist attractions.

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  1. I love to Travel shimla. The best place for vacations and hp tour travels guide me to search beautiful places in Himachal.

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