Unique and interesting places to visit in Ko Samui

The Ko Samui is an island which is situated towards the east cost of Thailand. The island is very close to the mainland town of Surat Thani province in Thailand. After Phuket and Ko Chang Ko Samui is the third largest island of Thailand. The population is approximately 62,000. According to some of the studies conducted by the experts they have estimated that more than 1.5 million tourists visit this island in a year. The Ko Samui sightseeing is wonderful experience as the island has many natural resources, coral reefs, beautiful breath taking white sandy beaches and lots of coconut trees. The Ko Samui is also a part of the Mu Ko Samui.

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Ko Samui is a lovely island to be visited. This island has an important place in the tourist attraction list of Thailand along with the Phuket and other important islands. There are various Places to see in Ko Samui which has been mentioned in this article. This article can be used as a travel guide for those who are visiting Ko Samui for the first time. The tourist attractions are so exotic that the tourists throng in large numbers to visit this island. The island of Ko Samui has a tropical climate. The climate remains warm across the year but when compared to Phuket the climate more dry here at Ko Samui.

Beaches of Ko Samui – Thailand is known for its beaches and islands. Those who are very fond of nature and love the beaches then Ko Samui is the right place for them to enjoy their vacation. Most of the best known beaches are located in Ko Samui. Some of the important beaches not to be missed Ko Samui sightseeing are the Big Buddha beach, Lamai beach and the Chaweng beach.

Ko Samui Chaweng Beach

Ko Samui Chaweng Beach

Statue of Big Buddha – The next important Ko Samui places to visit is the statue of Lord Buddha. This is one of the most popular tourist attractions of this island. The entire statue is a golden statue and the height of the statue is approximately 12 meters. This Buddhist temple can be easily reached by road. There are many other small Buddhist temples close to this huge Buddha statue.

Big Buddha Statue

Big Buddha Statue

The tiger zoo and aquarium – This one of the happening tourist attractions in Ko Samui. The kids would just love to watch the aquarium and the tiger zoo. The zoo is open on all days. There are various shows which are conducted by the zoo keepers. There are various types of birds, species of tigers and sharks which perform the show. This is an excellent experience for the children.

The Tiger Zoo

The Tiger Zoo

Snake farm – This is a unique farm which is found in Ko Samui. Those interested to watch these reptiles performing acrobats should never miss a chance to miss the snake farm. There are various snake shows which are conducted using the King Cobras; besides this there are many other species of snakes both poisonous and non-poisonous used for the shows. You can also see many different types of centipedes, crabs, scorpions etc.

Snake Farm Koh Samui

Snake Farm Koh Samui



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  1. The beach that’s what really capture my heart, I get the chance to visit Koh Samui and it is indeed a very beautiful island a paradise, I stayed at Crystal Bay Yacht Club I was very lucky to experienced the calm warm crystal clear sea, powder soft white sand and beautiful tropical gardens make this location truly special.

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