Exciting things to do in Tokyo City, Japan

Tokyo is the capital of Japan. It is also officially known as the Tokyo Metropolis. This is one of the largest metropolitan cities in the world. The city was formed way back in the year 1943. Even though it is a city it is known as the metropolitan prefecture. The experts have described the city of Tokyo as one meeting place for three commands for the world economy. The city is next to New York and London. In one of the studies conducted in the year 2012 the city was rated among the most expensive for those coming from different parts of the world. The Tokyo tourism has been thriving and people consider it a dream to reach this city for a vacation.

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The city of Tokyo is an exciting city. The city is located in the middle of Asia Pacific. The city is very fast paced and at the same time it is complex too hence it is important to have a Tokyo travel guide so that you do not get lost. The city of Tokyo is a famous tourist hot spot but besides this it is also considered as the best place to settle down. Let us now know the 10 reasons to visit Tokyo.

Shopping In Tokyo

Shopping In Tokyo

Shopping – Shopping in Tokyo is one of the major attractions for all the tourists who come to visit this place. This is destination is the hub of the latest technological advancements. Those who wish to buy expensive goods have a grand choice. This does not mean that those who want inexpensive material are left out. One can find many cheap and affordable items in most of the indoor and outdoor markets. You can get a whole lot of Tokyo tourist information from these markets. These markets are very relaxing and one can enjoy the real joy of shopping from these markets. You should never miss to visit the world’s largest departmental store in Tokyo.

Street Food In Tokyo

Street Food In Tokyo

Food – The foodies are loved everywhere. There is no dearth of good food anywhere. You can choose from more than 2 Lakhs of restaurants in Tokyo where you can find some of the world’s best cuisines being served to you. You should never miss to try the sushi when you are enjoying the Tokyo tourism. The city is well known for its night life and thus the restaurants are working till late nights and hence one shall never have problems of getting food even late in the night.

A Dance Club In Tokyo

A Dance Club In Tokyo

Nightlife – After a long day’s work the people in Tokyo head for the night clubs. You shall find many traditional pubs and night clubs. At the same time you also have the latest modern clubs. Hence the nightlife is for both types of people. There is something for every age of people. You can enjoy the discos and unwind yourself. The pubs and bars are covered with the traditional lights and paper lanterns. The people party hard till late nights after a long day’s work.

Traditional Kabuki Dance

Traditional Kabuki Dance

Culture and heritage of Tokyo – Every tourist must make it a point to enjoy the culture and heritage of the city. You should take a chance to watch the traditional Kabuki performance of Japan.


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