Best places to add in a Europe winter itinerary

Everyone knows the summer tourist places of Europe. Can you name the winter cities of the continent? For all you winter lovers out there, the European winter is both a forced to be reckoned with and enjoyed. Given below are some of the tourist places your Europe travel itinerary for winter season could include-

1. Abisko, Sweden:

Abisko is as far north as any train in Europe can take you. A white paradise for those who thrive in chilly temperatures, the sun doesn’t make an appearance throughout the months of December and January. The dark day and nights just adds to the charm of this little winter town. Aside from the run-off-the-mill winter activities like skiing, dog sledding and ice skating, the national parks of Abisko sure are a sight for sore eyes. The Northern Lights seen like never before are visible in beautiful vistas! Be sure to check out the world’s first hotel made purely out of ice whilst you’re at Abisko.

Bbisko in Winter

Bbisko in Winter

2. Copenhagen, Denmark:

A fairytale winter city, Copenhagen looks right out of the pages of a Hans Christian Anderson tale. Can you think of a better way to spend a wintery afternoon sipping hot chocolate within the confines of a cozy pub and watching the snow blanket the city? Bond with the local folk over a hot beverage and enjoy the winter sights that Christiansborg Slot and the Rosenborg Castle to name a few. February is a month of winter-ous festivies like the Wondercool event which includes art and culinary shows.

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Copenhagen in Winter

Copenhagen in Winter

3. Transylvania, Romania:

We’ve all read and quivered while reading Dracula, his liar immediately becoming top priority on our bucket lists. To have as much as authentic experience as possible, it goes without saying that winter is the best season. Other than the affinity to produce the one single cause of a majority of nightmares, Transylvania has quite a penchant for medieval castles and cathedrals. Apart from a rich historical background, head over to the ski resorts for some winter fun.

Transylvania in Winter

Transylvania in Winter

4. Venice, Italy:

The Venice Carnevale held in February, is one of the most awaited events in all of Europe. The entire city takes to the streets and celebrates the time before Lent with masked faces and formal balls. Known for its exquisite hand-made masks, no two masks will ever be the same. If you’re looking for some winter fun, it can’t get any more exciting than the Carnevale. The paid events can be a bit pricey, but there are plenty of free events that you can be a part of- masks and all!

Venice in Winter

Venice in Winter

5. Prague, Czech Republic:

The quintessential cobblestoned streets and spiral cones skyline, the beauty of Prague is best enjoyed in the winter. Surprisingly, not many tourists visit Prague during the winter making it the perfect getaway to enjoy some cold. Prague is a city that blossoms in the winter, especially if it’s a white winter. Huddle up and stroll along the Prague Castle and then pay a visit to the Choco Café which has dazzling varieties of hot chocolate.

Prague in Winter

Prague in Winter

Contrary to popular belief, European travel cities can be enjoyed in the winter and as you can see, some of them are in fact, meant to be visited only when the cold sets in. These cities are as tourist friendly in the winter as they are in the summer. So get out your travel planners and plan your winter vacation.

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