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Dong Shao

Dong Shao

Hi guys. . .

I am an independent traveler and I have visited many tourist places yet. I always prefer to travel in summer or winter month and I have visited various famous tourist destinations more than once. I was thinking about to sharing my traveling experiences and I thought WordPress blog would be a best platform to connect with you.

I hope my blog will definitely provide best tourist information and still if you are looking for some information about any tourist place, festival, activity then you can freely contact me at dongshao737@gmail.com. You can send your suggestions and feedback as well. I will definitely give you the best information according to my own experience.

About My Traveling:

As I said before I am an independent traveler and I always prefer to plan a solo trip. As I am from China so I have visited a lot In my country. I have visited some best tourist cities from India as well. I have visited just twice to Japan and Russia and Saint Petersburg, Moscow are some of my favorite destinations. I European region I have traveled in UK, France and Italy as well.

Edinburgh, Montreal and many other cities are in the list of my dream destinations and I will definitely plan my trip to those cities. So guys, I hope you would love my blog and I will try to post informative content which will help you to plan your trip. As I said before, just feel free to contact me.

Email Me At :- dongshao737@gmail.com

Like My Facebook Page :- https://www.facebook.com/foralltravellovers

Follow Me At :- https://twitter.com/DongShao007

Keep Traveling The World, Keep Exploring The World

One thought on “About Me

  1. Very pleased to meet you. I started out enjoying going to different places, but then life got in the way. Hope to pick it up again soon. Maybe your site will help me to decide which way first.

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