Austin travel guide for first time travelers

Austin is located in the Texas state of U.S. and is the capital city of the same. This city is also known as Waterloo sometimes. It is one of the greatest centers of technology, finance and music in the world. Austin has a lot of headquarters of well known companies like Apple, Dell, IBM, Intel, etc. And at the same time, it has given a lot of growth to the struggling and passionate musicians of U.S.A. This place is abundant in job and career opportunities and has always brought life into the dreams of those who wish to succeed. This city is pollution free and has beautiful landscapes too because of the hills that flank it.

Popular For

Austin’s music is the most famous. It’s because of this fact, that it is also known as The Live Music Capital of the World. Every year, the Austin music opera performs in the city which is a typical hi-fi event. There are many music venues and recording studios in Austin. This city is also known for its nightlife. At night, Austin is decorated with beautiful artificial moonlight that’s emitted from the Moonlight towers located within the city.

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Austin has a local motto which is “Keep Austin Weird”. This motto is an incentive to the protests against the over development of the city. A shopping district called SoCo accentuates the usefulness of this motto since it’s a place with small and affordable cafes, stores and occasional festivals.

Recreational activities

One of the best ways for recreation, after knowing when to visit Austin is theater  The people of Austin are highly involved in theater and performing arts. Interestingly, people in Austin perform openly in parks or over the bridges in order to entertain crowds. Austin has a lot of theaters which not only host live performances but many movies are also premiered here especially in the famous Paramount Theater. Apart from theaters  Austin has a high population of football and baseball lovers. There are major football and baseball leagues held in Austin and hockey is also practiced in this city. One can also go for Kayaking and Rowing at Lady Bird Lake.

When to visit

Climate-wise, February to May is the best time to visit Austin. One should definitely visit Austin in the month of March due to the South by Southwest festival also known as SXSW. It is a long running vibrant music festival which attracts thousands of tourists every year. In mid-April, Reggae festival takes place which is again a music festival. Talking about theatrical festivals, Austin conducts the Out of bounds Improve Festival which invites all the people associated with comic acting. These are the main festivals out of the countless that are hosted in Austin.

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