Explore contemporary beauty of Guangzhou attractions

Guangzhou is the capital of the biggest city in China and has a population of more than 12 million. The city has been a center for trading, and has witnessed ample revolutions, cultural exchanges and reforms, making it an unavoidable place to visit by tourists and visitors. Guangzhou tourism also explores owing to the same reason, let us discuss some best reasons to explore the destination

Tourist Attractions:

There are scores of natural parks and historic spots spread over this modern city. The best attractions are the Chen Ancestral Shrine, White Cloud Mountain etc.; Most of the best and modern theme parks and buildings spread on this urban area are the best of all Guangzhou tourist information.

Climate in Guangzhou:

Guangzhou has the best tropical climate with good exposure to the sun in the summer months. It is best to visit the place between October and November, but April and May months are good though. For tourists originating from countries with no good sun exposure, Guangzhou tourism would help.

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Canton Fair:

This is the largest trade fair in China and offers a wide complete variety of goods that includes computer and internet products, health products and fancy garments. Guangzhou travel guides would help people to explore the best hotels and accommodations in the province.


Yue cuisine and the Cantonese food is one of the best Regional cuisines of China and are well presented in Guangzhou City. The best feature of the food is its tenderness and its sweet taste. It feels great to enjoy morning tea with friends and family in the local restaurants of the place.

Shopping in Guangzhou:

There are many busy shopping centers and shopping streets in Guangzhou that cover positively everything that people would need. These shopping centers are worth a bargain to obtain products on discount.

Cantonese Opera:

The classic Cantonese Opera is performed regularly in some theaters of Guangzhou, including the Jiangnan theater in the district. After a long day tour, it is good to take a break in the theater and to watch a traditional performance here.

Nightlife in Guangzhou:

The province offers the best nightlife and is one of the best 10 reasons to visit Guangzhou. Its restaurants, pubs and clubs offer the best way to relax and enjoy after day light.

Transportation in Guangzhou:

Taxis are available in abundance here and are available at all times except during peak hours. These taxis are equipped with fare meters as well. They help to connect tourists to all attractions in the town.

Museums and galleries:

There are good museums and galleries spread across the city and there are biggest and largest museums in the city. They expose the cultural significance and historical artifacts of age old times in these museums.

Night cruise at pearl river:

Tourism in this province flourishes owing to this one point, the night cruise at the river during evenings is a wonderful way to explore Guangzhou skyline and other attractions. Dinner is offered here in a buffet fashion.

China is known for the perfect blend of historical artifacts with modern monuments, and Guangzhou is a perfect example of them. To know more of Guangzhou travel related aspects, visit joguru.com.