Regensburg Spectaculum – One of the unique festivals in Bavaria, Germany

Regensburg is one of the oldest cities in Germany located in Bavaria. Regensburg is located on the bank of Danube River and it is best preserved medieval city. There are various heritage places to visit in Regensburg which will take you back up to 12th century. There various places to visit and you can enjoy many tourist activities in Regensburg. All of the tourist attractions in Regensburg will give you the exact reflection of Bavaria history and culture.

Regensburg city is mostly popular among tourists because there are various traditional festivals and events to enjoy. Attending any festival is always a best thing to do in Regensburg for any traveler. Regensburg Spectaculum is also one of the enjoyable festivals in Regensburg. Lets have some detail information about this amazing festival in Regensburg.

Spectaculum is celebrated every year on second weekend in June month. This festival takes place near the Old Stone Bridge on the Jahn Island. This is one of the royal festivals in Regensburg and a best event to know about Bavarian history. In Spectaculum you can see various knights, jugglers and musicians meeting performing their arts. You can see all of the people in traditional and historical costume. You can enjoy various war games and activities as well.