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“Are you a travel writer, then welcome on my blog”

Hi friends. . . As I said before my blog is one of the best platforms for various travel writers to explore their magic of writing. All travel writers and guest bloggers are always welcomed here.

As you know that, I have written information about various tourist places yet and I hope you have enjoyed my content. Still now I have traveled mostly in tourist cities in Asia so I have very little experience about tourist attractions in Europe, Africa and USA.

Write a guest post

Write a guest post

That is why I have decided to welcome travel writers those who are looking for guest blogging service so my blog can provide information about various tourist places around the world. If you are willing to add a guest post on my website, then please have a look at some basic rules written below.

1) Guest post article should be about any tourist place or your personal traveling story. Any irrelevant content would not be accepted.

2) Do not offer me content about travel packages, travel deals, promotional articles etc.

3) You can write an article which should not be less that 800 – 1000 words.

4) You can also send me some images to add within your guest post but all images should be copyright free or mention about source of images.

5) I will allow only one link to your website or blog and link would be permanent.

6) Infographic image, video, animated flash files, vine videos, gif images would not be accepted. You should write only text article as a guest post.

I hope you have read and understood all of the rules about adding a guest post on my blog. So feel free to contact me for any further information. You can get contact information on my “About Me” page. I am waiting to hear about traveling experiences and tourist information.

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