Guest Post : A Filipino Wandering in Kuala Lumpur

I’m a freelance writer based in the Philippines and recently, I was fortunate enough to be invited by a client to meet up in Kuala Lumpur. Friends who’ve been to the city said it’s possible to spend a weekend in KL under RM500, and so, I also took that as a challenge to see if it’s true—me being always on the lookout for budget travel opportunities. It turned out itwas, and I discovered too, that KL is very similar to Manila, the city in which I grew up in, in more ways than I initially thought.


As a traveler, I’ve made it a point to experience the wonder that’s the human potential in each and every one of my trips. I know that sounds a bit too heavy, but once you meet various people from different cultures and have stood on the ground and walked the path that countless people of different origins, each with a story to tell, have also walked on—you realize that what matters most in travel is not the photos you take or the sights you see, but the emotions you feel, being somewhere new yet inherently familiar. Walking in the streets of Kuala Lumpur produced that kind of for me in a tremendously positive way.


From the moment the sun set on that first night in KL, I knew that my decision to roam the local nightlife scene was a good decision. My home country boasts of some amazing nightclubs, but compared to KL, where the lights seemed brighter, the music louder, and the atmosphere somewhat warmer, I felt no amount of home sickness that night. I’m not much of the drinker, but being there, smack dab in the middle of Kuala Lumpur’s hottest club district, watching the people happily walking past me with the unmistakable smiles of glee on their faces, made me feel as if I’m back home in Manila.


Daytime in Kuala Lumpur provides as much splendor as nighttime as the city is just, and this is without any stretch of embellishment, simply majestic. Looking at the Petronas Twin Towers is simply inspiring, and the Sultan Abdul Samad Building gives off a heightened sense of spirituality, no matter what faith you may subscribe to. Just like Makati’s Central Business District, the streets of KL at daytime can be both busy and calm at the same time, and I couldn’t describe my impression about it with any other word but serene.


As a Filipino, I see a lot of similarities between Kuala Lumpur and a few distinct cities from my homeland. These similarities made me feel really at home during my trip to this foreign land, while the glaring differences instills in me a sense of growth that many seasoned travelers would understand. In all of the cities around the world that I’ve visited, I feel KL has embraced me as tightly as I embraced it during my short but memorable stay.

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Stunning reflection images of some best tourist spots

I am sure that every photography loving person would definitely love this blog post. As I am a travel blogger so I always keep in search of some cool shots which I can use in my blog posts. Whenever I visit any tourist spot then I always clicked some images to preserve the travel memories. To capture a perfect reflection image or a mirror image it is always important to have perfect timing. Photographer should also think about surrounding weather condition. As reflection image is a type of image related with water so your image would be more attractive and clear if you get more still water. Surface of water should be stable and undisturbed while clicking the shot.  So let’s have a look at some of the awesome reflection shots.

1) Alila Villas, Bali, Indonesia.

Alila Villas Bali Indonesia

Alila Villas Bali Indonesia

Alila Villas is a great beach resort in Bali province of Indonesia. It is a best five star resort to enjoy the great luxurious accommodation experience.

2) A mountain in Leh, India.

Leh Mountains

Leh Mountains

Leh is a city of Kashmir state of India which is commonly known for beauty of mountains and lake. A perfect tourist destination in Asia to plan a best summer trip.

3) Milford Sound in New Zealand.

Milford Sound in New Zealand

Milford Sound in New Zealand

The most famous tourist destination in New Zealand. It has been also voted as world’s top travel destination in 2008.

4) Mount Cook in New Zealand.

Mount Cook in New Zealand

Mount Cook in New Zealand

The highest mountain in New Zealand and also located in central area of country. A perfect tourist destination for hiking lovers.

5) Taj Mahal, Agra, India.

Taj Mahal India

Taj Mahal India

One of the Seven Wonders of the World. If you are planning for a trip to India then must have a visit here. Also known the “Symbol Of Love”.

6) West end of Business Bay in Dubai.

Dubai City Skyline

Dubai City Skyline

As we all know that Dubai is one of the best tourist spots in the world. Here you can enjoy the stunning skyline night view of skyscrapers in the city.

7) Wizard’s Hat, Bandon, Oregon.

Wizard's Hat, Bandon, Oregon.

Wizard’s Hat, Bandon, Oregon.

Bandon is a small but cool tourist city to visit in Oregon State of USA. You can see some naturally formed rock formations along the coast in Bandon. Wizards hat is one of them.


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Kottayam Tourism – Get up close with beauty of nature

Kottayam locale is an excellent area in Kerala with the regular marvelousness of mounds, backwaters as well as lakes. The majority of the tourist spots in Kottayam like Erumeli, Pathiramanal and much more are Places to see in Kottayam.

Erumeli the village where nature resides, is placed around the range of 60 km towards the northeastern part from Kottayam. The hamlet is settled in the rich jade Western Ghats. This hamlet is additionally the entry point to South India’s most conspicuous traveler focus-the Sabrimala holy place. Erumeli is a vital pilgrimage point for the Hindus as well as Muslims. Shree Dharmasastha Temple here is an age-old temple committed to Lord Ayyappa. Kanakapalam adjacent to the temple is a place where the background is dotted by teak plantations.

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Pathiramanal the enchanting island of sands has a mythology behind its formation. It is believed that when a brahmin plunged into the Vembanad lagoon to carry out his evening ablutions the water moved so that land could rise from underneath to form an island. You will find thousands and thousands of extraordinary wandering birds from all over the world in this little island, a site you can behold for a lifetime.

The Aruvikkuzhi Waterfall is located approximately at a distance of 18 kms., from Kottayam and is a must Kottayam sightseeing place. This stunning picnic spot is positioned around 2 kms. Downwards of  a mud path from Kumarakom. The watercourses at this place jingle as they move via the countryside and the water howls as they flow down the mounts from a100 feet height. The vacationists can as well get pleasure from the shadow of the rubber farms here.

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Anchuvilakku, around the range of 22 km from Kottayam is a stone light post, constructed close to the Changancherry vessel wharf. This light post is a commonplace case of Kerala building design, and was manufactured by the eminent luxury contender Veluthampi Dalawa. The market at Changancherry, one of the biggest in Kerala, was likewise built by him. The five lights on this post are lit by kerosene.

Kayyoor is one of the places to visit in Kottayam which is a captivating scene framed by the chain of green slopes at the Bharananganam Panchayat. A place of worship committed to the Pandava siblings of the epic Mahabharata is discovered here. Just ghee is utilized to light the lights here. Ladies are not allowed inside the temple.

Nattakom and Panachikad are the two calm villages and the best among the Kottayam tourist attractions are grand reservoirs accompanied by glowing green adds appeal to it. The transient flying creatures come to these present verdant views during the season and remain till the conclusion of the season A pontoon ride starting from Kodoorar located in Panachikad towards Kumarakom is an extraordinary path to unwind and revel in nature’s amplitudes.

If Vacation is what has just struck your mind, consider Kottayam tourism – The place in God’s own country that does not lose its charm in any season and keeps shining. Discover Kottayam places to visit accommodation, transportation with Kottayam City Travel Guide at

Kuala Lumpur sightseeing places image gallery

Are you planning a trip to Kuala Lumpur, then your trip would be incomplete without having visit to top tourist attractions in the city mentioned in the video below.

Of course, every travel loving person would think about having a visit to Petronas Twin Towers, but there are so many other places to explore in Kuala Lumpur City which should not be missed. As I have traveled mostly in Asian tourist cities so I have visited Kuala Lumpur couple of times. It is my one of the favorite tourist cities in Asia and I also have  added a video about best Kuala Lumpur sightseeing spot in my one of the post before. Kuala Lumpur is one of the booming shopping hub in Asia so you can enjoy a great shopping experience here. The images posted below will you the slight idea about beauty of Kuala Lumpur. As it is a well developed tourist city so you can get best service for accommodation, restaurants and transportation according to your budgets and requirements. Before planning a trip to Kuala Lumpur it is always good to plan an itinerary for your trip. You should collect all useful tourist information about Kuala Lumpur from a best online travel guide source.

Male City, Maldives – A booming tourist city in Asia

Male is the capital of the most populated country Republic of Maldives. The capital city is situated towards the north of Maldives. This is a city class constituency and is largely governed by the Male City Council. In the olden times the Male Island was known as the King’s island. This was the place where the royal dynasties used to rule and later on the palace was built. The palace was destroyed long time but it was rebuilt by the President Ibrahim Nasir. Male tourism has picked up pace since last few years and there are many tourists who come to visit this breath taking island every year. Male earns quite a good amount of money from tourism.

The climate of Male is a wet and dry climate. You can experience both wet and dry weather. The wet seasons are during the month of May to December and dry period of the season is from January to April. You can visit the city any time during the year since the temperatures are relatively consistent as compared to other countries. Whenever you plan a vacation to Male Island make sure to have a proper Male Travel Guide; this shall help you to reach out to places easily.

Male Beaches

Male Beaches

The Male tourist information can be easily got from the Male city council offices. They provide the entire information to the tourists’ right from accommodation to the sightseeing attractions.

The small islands of Male have become very famous across the world. The tranquilizing beauty of the beaches is refreshing for any tourist after long stressful work.

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4 Days Maldives Tour Itinerary

Natural resources – If you want to know what nature is, the come to Male. You can enjoy some of the most beautiful landscapes and natural resources in Male. This gives you a refreshing feeling while you vacation in this beautiful city.

Mosques and museums – The island has many museums and mosques. These mosques have very intricate architecture of the olden times which makes the Male tourism more important and exciting. The museum of Male displays some of the exotic and precious artifacts which have been procured by the popular explorer Thor Heyerdahl of Male. Besides this you have the Singapore Bazaar where you find a whole lot of traditional items made by the locals of Male. You can also have the chance to explore the coral reefs by the facility of submarines offered in the islands of Male.

Islamic Centre Mosque

Islamic Centre Mosque

Esjehi art gallery – one of the most well-known art galleries in Male Island. It is situated next to the Sultan Park which is equally famous as the art gallery. This is the best place for those who just love arts. There are various paintings and arts displayed in this gallery by the artists from across the world and also by the local artists of Male.

Beaches of Male – the best place to just lie down and relax after a long stressful work. Some of the well-known islands are the Sun Island beach, Paradise Island and Royal Island beaches.

male airport

Stunning Sky View Of Male City Airport

I am sure that all of the Male tourist information written above would definitely help to plan your itinerary for Male city. As male is one of the well developed tourist cities in Maldives so here you would get best service for accommodation, eat out places and transportation in and around the city. Wish you a very happy, enjoying and nice trip to male City.

Benidorm – Must visit here while traveling with kids

Most of the time, it is too critical to choose a perfect tourist spot while traveling with kids. If you are planning for a trip with kids to major tourist spots in Spain then I would like to suggest you that you should not miss the Benidorm City. Most of the tourist cities in Spain are known for the historical monuments and beaches but unfortunately Benidorm is comparatively less popular but still a great place to plan a vacation. It should be explored more by tourists. Within tourist attractions in Benidorm, there are several amusement parks to visit. Countless tourist activities and tourist sports get offered you by Benidorm tourism.

As there are various amusement parks to visit, that is why it is one of the best European cities to visit with kids. In all of the amusement parks in Benidorm there are various things to do and you can enjoy various tourist activities. Among all of the places to visit in Benidorm you should not miss the 4 Kwatro Children Park and Mundomar sea life park. I am sure that your little travel companions would definitely enjoy here. Before planning a trip to Benidorm you should collect the proper tourist information about the opening – closing timing, ticket rates, closing days etc. As Benidorm is one of the well developed tourist cities in Spain so you can get best service about accommodation, eat out places and transportation here according to your budget and requirement. To get more tourist information about various tourist places in Benidorm please have a look at the small presentation below. It would give you the introductory information about Benidorm tourist spots which you should not miss in your trip itinerary.

Explore contemporary beauty of Guangzhou attractions

Guangzhou is the capital of the biggest city in China and has a population of more than 12 million. The city has been a center for trading, and has witnessed ample revolutions, cultural exchanges and reforms, making it an unavoidable place to visit by tourists and visitors. Guangzhou tourism also explores owing to the same reason, let us discuss some best reasons to explore the destination

Tourist Attractions:

There are scores of natural parks and historic spots spread over this modern city. The best attractions are the Chen Ancestral Shrine, White Cloud Mountain etc.; Most of the best and modern theme parks and buildings spread on this urban area are the best of all Guangzhou tourist information.

Climate in Guangzhou:

Guangzhou has the best tropical climate with good exposure to the sun in the summer months. It is best to visit the place between October and November, but April and May months are good though. For tourists originating from countries with no good sun exposure, Guangzhou tourism would help.

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Canton Fair:

This is the largest trade fair in China and offers a wide complete variety of goods that includes computer and internet products, health products and fancy garments. Guangzhou travel guides would help people to explore the best hotels and accommodations in the province.


Yue cuisine and the Cantonese food is one of the best Regional cuisines of China and are well presented in Guangzhou City. The best feature of the food is its tenderness and its sweet taste. It feels great to enjoy morning tea with friends and family in the local restaurants of the place.

Shopping in Guangzhou:

There are many busy shopping centers and shopping streets in Guangzhou that cover positively everything that people would need. These shopping centers are worth a bargain to obtain products on discount.

Cantonese Opera:

The classic Cantonese Opera is performed regularly in some theaters of Guangzhou, including the Jiangnan theater in the district. After a long day tour, it is good to take a break in the theater and to watch a traditional performance here.

Nightlife in Guangzhou:

The province offers the best nightlife and is one of the best 10 reasons to visit Guangzhou. Its restaurants, pubs and clubs offer the best way to relax and enjoy after day light.

Transportation in Guangzhou:

Taxis are available in abundance here and are available at all times except during peak hours. These taxis are equipped with fare meters as well. They help to connect tourists to all attractions in the town.

Museums and galleries:

There are good museums and galleries spread across the city and there are biggest and largest museums in the city. They expose the cultural significance and historical artifacts of age old times in these museums.

Night cruise at pearl river:

Tourism in this province flourishes owing to this one point, the night cruise at the river during evenings is a wonderful way to explore Guangzhou skyline and other attractions. Dinner is offered here in a buffet fashion.

China is known for the perfect blend of historical artifacts with modern monuments, and Guangzhou is a perfect example of them. To know more of Guangzhou travel related aspects, visit