Visit St. Petersburg and enjoy different tourist activities

There are number of cities in Russia which are well popular among people all over the world for its best tourist attractions but Saint Petersburg is one of the best cities which are preferred by majority of people to visit. I have also visited this city with my friends during my holiday trip in last year. I was amazed to see this beautiful place and its uniqueness.

Its uniqueness and St.Petersburg activities attract people to come and visit its beautiful monuments, museums and other major attractions again and again.

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When you should visit: While you are making plan to visit this city you should have the proper information about the city and weather conditions so that you can enjoy your holiday’s trips. Considering weather conditions is the main important thing which you should keep in mind before making a trip to any particular city. The best time to visit this beautiful city is during months May, June, Sep. October and in July. Also it will be best if you will visit this city during white nights known as particular period during July and august months. These months are also considered best for participating in various St.Petersburg activities.

There are number of recreational things to do in St. Petersburg, some of them are listed here:

Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg City Palace

Walk around city:

You can go for a long walk around city and along river and can see many amazing things. Various picturesque views will surely attract visitors with its uniqueness.

Cycling and biking:

Make a long trip to see all the major attraction of city and all around city by hiring your own cycle or bike. Cycling is also one of many different activities to do in St. Petersburg.


Boating is one of the major activities to do while in St. Petersburg. While in this city you are avail with paddleboat when you have to do boating. You can go for long drive through boat and can have a lot of fun.

St. Petersburg Tourist Spots

St. Petersburg Tourist Spots


Trekking is one of the major St. Petersburg activities that you can enjoy in this city. If you are thinking about trekking you should take water and important things with you so that in way you can eat or drink and can enjoy your trekking. Trekking is very helpful in encouraging adventures recreation and social skills.

Different camps for different ages groups:

Whether you are below 18 years or old than 18 years both age group people can take part in summer camps in which different program and activities are performed.

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