Plan a joyous trip to Denpasar with our travel guidelines

Proudly standing as the largest city and capital of Bali, Denpasar is enriched with Balinese culture and astounding center for temple, palaces and museum. Being a multicultural city with inhabitants quite friendly Denpasar would be an apt place for holiday visit. The former name of Denpasar is Badung which is profoundly known by its residents. To experience an exceptional trip countless people step into Denpasar. Let’s get in deep and know best place to visit in Denpasar and 10 reasons to plan a trip to Denpasar.

Reasons to visit Denpasar

Natures Scenic Beauty

The charm of the pretty island with gorgeous bordering of palm-fringed trees, histrionic volcanoes, terraced valleys, spiritual temples standing erect in the traditional villages, sea side cliffs, which defines natures beauty and a spot which must be visited.

Tourist Activities At Denpasar

With numerous activities running through the year the Pesta Kesenian Bali or the Bali arts festival is one marked activity which shows the importance of dance, beauty and music. This activity is conducted for the whole month with countless activities like handicrafts exhibitions, village dances, food offerings and other contests. The Sanur village festival and Denpasar festival a.k.a Den fest are other key events that mark the importance of Denpasar.

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Any tourists’ destination is never complete without its weather information; November to March is Denpasar high precipitation season which is found dry for the other period. December is a month for maximum showers and October for minimum, so summer or prior autumn can be an apt period for people who plan for Denpasar tourism.


There are countless shopping malls in Denpasar, where the most visited ones are the Ramayana, Matahari Duta Plaza, and Robinsons. Jalan Hasanuddin and Jalan Sulawesi are marked spots for gold stores and its purchase. For silk purchase Duta silk is the apt spot.

Thrilling Experience

For a thrilling experience called flying fox, where one flies from tree to tree for up to 160 meters gives a new thrill which they never have experienced in their life time. You’re roped and tied to wire which is strung at high points on the trees.

For World Famous Coffee

Travel to garden café at Sanur for sip the world rarest coffee, it is said that the coffee beans are passed through the digestive system of a tree climbing cat.

About Tourism

Denpasar tourists’ information and government tourists’ website has all information regarding events, culture, attractions, portals and quite a lot for people who are preparing to visit Denpasar for holiday.

Evidences for their culture

The temples, palaces, museums, sculptures and other places of interest are sure to stand as the key evidence for their traditional culture and incredible history of religion. The Jaganath temple, temple of Maosaphit, Sakenan temple, Bali museum, Sidik Jari museum are examples for history created which paves way for Denpasar Tourism.


For best regional and ethnic Indonesian cuisines countless restaurants and hotels have emerged out. Being a gathering point where different people of diverse culture meet it id never difficult to spot the best place to have a fantastic food.

Mud bath

A fresh up with local herbs and massaged with tropical oils is a perfect way of relaxation for a fresh outlook which is concluded with mud bath. Fresh ingredients are used for a comfy and relaxed massage.

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