Male City, Maldives – A booming tourist city in Asia

Male is the capital of the most populated country Republic of Maldives. The capital city is situated towards the north of Maldives. This is a city class constituency and is largely governed by the Male City Council. In the olden times the Male Island was known as the King’s island. This was the place where the royal dynasties used to rule and later on the palace was built. The palace was destroyed long time but it was rebuilt by the President Ibrahim Nasir. Male tourism has picked up pace since last few years and there are many tourists who come to visit this breath taking island every year. Male earns quite a good amount of money from tourism.

The climate of Male is a wet and dry climate. You can experience both wet and dry weather. The wet seasons are during the month of May to December and dry period of the season is from January to April. You can visit the city any time during the year since the temperatures are relatively consistent as compared to other countries. Whenever you plan a vacation to Male Island make sure to have a proper Male Travel Guide; this shall help you to reach out to places easily.

Male Beaches

Male Beaches

The Male tourist information can be easily got from the Male city council offices. They provide the entire information to the tourists’ right from accommodation to the sightseeing attractions.

The small islands of Male have become very famous across the world. The tranquilizing beauty of the beaches is refreshing for any tourist after long stressful work.

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Natural resources – If you want to know what nature is, the come to Male. You can enjoy some of the most beautiful landscapes and natural resources in Male. This gives you a refreshing feeling while you vacation in this beautiful city.

Mosques and museums – The island has many museums and mosques. These mosques have very intricate architecture of the olden times which makes the Male tourism more important and exciting. The museum of Male displays some of the exotic and precious artifacts which have been procured by the popular explorer Thor Heyerdahl of Male. Besides this you have the Singapore Bazaar where you find a whole lot of traditional items made by the locals of Male. You can also have the chance to explore the coral reefs by the facility of submarines offered in the islands of Male.

Islamic Centre Mosque

Islamic Centre Mosque

Esjehi art gallery – one of the most well-known art galleries in Male Island. It is situated next to the Sultan Park which is equally famous as the art gallery. This is the best place for those who just love arts. There are various paintings and arts displayed in this gallery by the artists from across the world and also by the local artists of Male.

Beaches of Male – the best place to just lie down and relax after a long stressful work. Some of the well-known islands are the Sun Island beach, Paradise Island and Royal Island beaches.

male airport

Stunning Sky View Of Male City Airport

I am sure that all of the Male tourist information written above would definitely help to plan your itinerary for Male city. As male is one of the well developed tourist cities in Maldives so here you would get best service for accommodation, eat out places and transportation in and around the city. Wish you a very happy, enjoying and nice trip to male City.